International BSACA Master Instructor


Unveiling the Enigma behind the Cueing Arts. An award-winning billiards school, the Billiard Sanctuary Academy of the Cueing Arts has been a leader in the field of Cue Sports elite training since 1991. Founded by International Master Instructor Timothy White. The Academy has successfully helped thousands of students transform their knowledge and skills to unimaginable heights.

Creativity challenges the way billiard skills are developed. Tim's unique ability to methodically analyze each and every minute detail then teach the proper assembly in a dynamic and distinct way is unparalleled in the billiard world. The Academy constantly strives to cultivate human desires while acknowledging diverse intelligence.

Teaching others to accurately visualize by recalling knowledge requires a deep understanding and patience, especially in the Cue Sports. The desired objective of the teacher is communicate to the student what the teacher sees in the clearest possible way. Since 2001 Tim has been inventing, creating and designing his own unique visual aids so that the student sees every part of the shot exactly and instantly the way the professional sees it. Over 90 training tools are used throughout the KIP course.



Passionate Coaching Professional

Began playing at age 8
Over 20 years professional experience
Competed in over 700 tournaments worldwide
Inducted into the World Instructors Guild 1996
Attended University of Queensland Australia 1999 Sports Psychology
Author of numerous published instructional articles Inside Pool magazine
Opened and operated Olympic Cue Sports training facility Brisbane Australia 1999
Brainchild of Award Winning Billiard Sanctuary Mt. Snow Vermont
Featured on the cover of Pool & Billiard magazine
Awarded Architectural and Design Best New Room Honorable Mention
Producer/Master Instructor Foundation and Finer Points Academy Video Series
Inventor, designer & creator over 100 Academy training tools
Lecturer Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
Author Master Academy Apple Textbooks
Performed at Grand Opening JW Marriott Marquis Miami



Architecture & Design Best New Room Honorable Mention

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