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Volume 1 iBook.gif


Volume 1

The Foundation is of fundamental importance in all we create in life. Without a good foundation you cannot build upon. In this first and all important Volume, you will learn the structure of the entire course to follow. Each piece of the puzzle is detailed within its structure and importance. When you hear "go back to the basics" what do you do, where do you go? We will dive deep into the structures of human physiology because it plays a crucial role in the Cue Sports developmental skills. Here you will gain a clear understanding of exactly what, where, when, how and most importantly why things work the way they do. This volume sets the stage for all to follow.

CHAPTERS:  Cue Sports History, Master Academy, Sports Psychology, Equipment, Video Analysis, Skill Development, Human Anatomy, Human Kinetics, Fundamentals

Volume 2 iBook.gif


Volume 2

Perfect Motion is stage two of the progressive system. Comprehenion of detailed mechanics of the pendulum stroke and how to connect them to the foundation is the primary aspect of the physical component.

Here you will assemble the basic fundamental pieces of the foundational puzzle - the physical principles! Then connect that up with the precision motion of the mechanics of the stroke. Every skill is in superb fine detail which will carry you into the correct and out of the incorrect. Every part of the stroke using corresponding human anatomy graphic animations will come to life for you. Entertaining analogy stories are peppered throughout to keep you at peak learning. Unfolding the why’s and the how’s you will learn the Cueing Arts like you really never thought possible. Said to be the most skill enhancing of all Volumes. 

CHAPTERS: Gravity, Motion, Arc Motion, Projectile Motion Quiz, SPF, SPF Drills, SPF Quiz, Physical Principles, Video Analysis, Catapult Mechanics, The Perfect Stroke, Stroke Drills, SPF Evaluation

Volume 3 iBook.gif


Volume 3

Mission Control is the Sports Psychology part of the BSACA progressive system. In Volume 3 you will learn the second and third aspects - completing the major aspects of the sports psychology structure.

Mission Control dives deep into the brain and its control over the Sports Psychology routine. Discover how the components and subcomponents of the 6-step methodology put you in perfect alignment. Here pocketing balls with your eye’s closed is the first step in your eye opening process. Using all your the senses, you will uncover a much higher level of focus and visualization clarity in the pre-movie ritual while you accurately position your body within the film.

CHAPTERS:  The Brain, Psychological, Vision Center, Firing Order A & B, Preparation, Video Analysis #3, Mental, Analysis & Evaluation and Ritual, 6 Point, Freeze

Volume 4 iBook.gif


Volume 4

In Volume 4 we move forward into the cue ball as we breakdown each component of the A.S.S. Look inside and gain a crystal clear understanding of each based on centergistic reference points. Have fun with numbers for the left brain and with the corresponding matching images for the right.  Here is where the essential analysis for every shot is developed for precision recall during the game.

Learning these components will dramatically advance your comprehension of the cue sports.

CHAPTERS:  Angle, Speed and Spin, Centergistics, Measure, Create, Name, Finesse

Volume 5 iBook.gif


Volume 5

Point of Tangency you will learn what happens when you mesh the three components together into a sequence. Learn the engaging forces and torques and their effects within the geometry of motion. You will gain a clear understanding of the trajectories of points and lines as well as other geometric objects and their differential properties. The comprehension of this information will dramatically boost your thoughts when you assemble the correct equations for perfect position.

Here is where the most important shot makes an appearance bringing clarity to all the components as one. You'll be simply amazed by the power in store for you.

CHAPTERS:  Geometry (Euclid) Points, Lines, Planes, Tangent Line, Most Important Shot, Dynamics, Kinematics, Cushion Effects, Spin Effects, Banking Systems, Double Kiss

Volume 6 iBook.gif


Volume 6

Energies Effects will take you much deeper as you explore how the laws of Physics play a key role in the Cue Sports. Intelligent directions is master to unlocking the secret to perfect cue ball and object ball direction and distance. Now is the time to finally conquer deflection and squirt with a simple system. You’ll discover how rotational energies effects motion through Cling, Drag and Gear. You’ll understand how to play some of the most unique and interesting shots with simple physics. Uncover situations where a quadrant becomes your best friend.

CHAPTERS: Physics (Newtons Laws) Distribution of Energy, Spin Conversion, Deflection, Cling Time, Drag, Gear Effects, Quadrants, Inside/Outside Effects, Reverse Backup Draw, Follow/Draw Drills, Trick Shot Gear EffectDonw

Volume 7 iBook.gif


Volume 7

You are almost ready to start your engines. Just a few more pieces to fill in. The picture is now very clear as the pieces of the puzzle begin to show though. Have fun with much more as you unleash the secret knowledge to jumping and masse’ shots. Throughout this Volume you will gain amazing insights into how to play hangers, secret strategies, special situations and what creative guide to use when the cue ball and object ball are beyond the mechanical reach. In this Volume you will see, through slow motion, how to clearly recognize foul shots, while developing positive systematic routines to play each shot within the legal rules.

CHAPTERS:  Specific Play Mode, R.F.P., Hangers, Jump, Masse, Official World Rule Special Situations,  Double Hit, Pick & Roll, Safety’s

Volume 8 iBook.gif


Volume 8

This Volume will bring it all together for you. The long awaited subject is here,  The Break... You will learn exaxt directions, how and why the balls move? This isn’t just random science or theory. There is an clear answer. (Be) - Foreplay is a fundamental part of the whole performance experience. Here you will raise your level beyond your wildest dreams. You will learn how to develop a professional rhythm withinin your Ritual, be keenly aware of exactly what shots and situations trigger choking and exactly what to do to prevent it. In this Volume your visual emotions will be entertained as you open up into a new world of super clear understanding and clarity. And the grand illusion makes its appearance. It all comes together so beautifully on the table in motion using the “Angles of Reflection” advanced BSACA system. You’ll literally see the Yang and the Yin in action as you absorb the most important visual information yet. Get ready to really SEE what you have been looking for all along.

CHAPTERS:  Performance, Ready, The Break (Power & Precision), Route, Rhythm, Choke Syndromes, FIDS,  Training, Angles of Reflection

Volume 9 iBook.gif


Volume 9

This is it! In addition to gaining insight into prior or existing initiatives, it is important to enable reflection and assist in the identification of future change. Now it is time to really enjoy the benefits of this course. The final video analysis will be beneficial for any needed adjustments as well as solidify your new super knowledge. For those who wish to continue into instructor training this is a prerequisite. Take hold and have fun with the 100 question final exam. Your graduation certificate awaits. Congratulations!!!

CHAPTERS:  Video Analysis, Final Examination, Graduation Certificate

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