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Learn to Split your Balls

Visual Concentration is the ability to screen out distractions and stay focused on the target. In Volume 8 of the Cue Sports Training Encyclopedia you will learn about the power of F.I.D.S. Below is brief example of the first of three, which when used on a regular basis will dramatically increase your focus, it is called “The Split”. 

Many of us have trouble maintaining the intense concentration necessary to be consistent at pocketing balls. We go in and out of focus finding ways to let the unnecessary distractions effect our true intention. Sound familiar? 

Don’t worry, by incorporating these FIDS into your daily practice routines you will witness powerful results. Everything we do requires an understanding of reference. How “Big” is big, how “hard” is it really. To truly define these terms we need to compare everything with something else. Bigger than ________???_______, harder than _______???_______.  What we seem to forget is that our brains are constantly comparing what we know and remember to what we see. 

In this drill you will practice “Splitting your Balls”. That’s right! Set up two balls so they are touching each other… they like to be close. Position the cue ball 1-2 diamonds away directly in line with the center of these two balls. Here is where the real focus happens. You will feel the intensity increase almost instantly as you narrow your vision to the crease where both ball are touching. Do your best to maintain that focal point. The objective is here is to shoot a perfect “split hit”.

You may have even encountered a "split hit" in a game where the contact was so close it was “difficult” to judge which ball was contacted first. As you will learn in this drill, it is very clear which ball is contacted first due to the tangent line. If you hit the ball on the right, even just a split nano second before the one on the left, the cue ball with go to the left and vise versa. If you truly make a perfect split hit, the cue ball will stay directly on the line of centers. This is your ultimate objective.

Go ahead give it a try and you’ll see 1. how difficult it is and 2. how this drill amplifies your focus and concentration. Remember this feeling and carry it forward into your game play, so that this same intensity is on every shot.

Learn many more of these powerful FIDS in Volume 8 of the Cue Sports Training Encyclopedia.

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