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Making Love to the Cue Ball

Updated: Jun 12

Just like there's a difference between having sex and making love, there is also a big difference between following through and finishing.

You may be wondering what this has to do with Cue Sports. Trust me, it has more to do than you may think, and if you can relate to this concept, you may be in for more than you expected.

At the thought of learning how to have a unique internal connection and feeling within the cue ball, one may seem a bit uncomfortable. But listen closely… and open up. The most common approach is not always the best. Understand that it's not just the physical motion — it's a connection on a much deeper level. This level of understanding will create a massive difference in your overall performance.

Let’s begin with how to make love to the cue ball in a super-easy way that takes all the pressure off you.

  1. It all begins with the stroke.

The most important thing you need to take care of before you start is ensuring you are comfortable with what's about to happen. If you have never experienced the be-foreplay, you will understandably be nervous and hopefully just a little excited.

The stroke is broken down into three sections—the: Set, the Pause, and Finish. You can learn all the details in Volume 1 of the Cue Sports Encyclopedia. This brief article will focus on the Impact-to-Finish portion of this motion.

You should never feel pressured into completing this process. Most people stop short and never feel the actual sensation of the finish. To miss the mark, one has to tighten up - holding back, which causes a dramatic slowing down of the energy through the impact sweet spot zone. The most important part of the stroke motion is the full acceleration to the end. By doing this consistently, you will apply the perfect fullness you are searching for, and the bonus - the cue ball will react as you desire!

2. Understand that it's not just a motion — it's a connection on a deeper level.

There is a massive difference between thinking you are there and truly knowing. Making love to the cue ball is about getting the cue tip to almost literally pass right through. It’s not about going fast or slow; it’s about a consistent accelerating, smooth penetration. It's the stuff that happens due to doing it right, not the cause. Connecting what happens to that feeling of knowing you are at the magic point will make you come back again. So, where is this?

This magic point is way past the sweet spot - literally and figuratively. You'll know if you are doing it correctly when you see and feel your tip touching down. When you stroke to the distant end - the finish, you not only experience all the pleasures of passing through but more importantly, you'll see and feel this magic happen.

3. Tip-to-core contact is crucial for transfer

Like I said, learning how to make love to your cue ball is about connection. Ideally, you want to connect along a straight line and finish at the end. However, the thought process of the following through causes more of a “bad” motion than a good one. Remember, if you finish, you will follow through; however, just because you follow through doesn't necessarily mean you finished.

Technically, the forearm must hang under the elbow and swing like a pendulum during the entire stroke. The most common error is that most drop-downs during the swing completely miss this magic place. Get there, and you’ll unlock this mystery of cue sports love.

When you swing back and up, you create space. Allowing gravity to bring you back down, you'll feel the butterflies in your stomach as you swoop down and back up again. You unleash all this positive energy as you swing (all the way) to the top (goal). The key is to allow this love to continue to its goal purpose - without the elbow dropping.

Unlocking these hidden secrets takes time, knowledge, and patience. The information you need is right here at your fingertips. Dive in and explore what you have been truly searching for all these years.

Learn all the details in the Cue Sports Training Encyclopedia

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