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Updated: Jun 12

There are three key critical points in the setup position in the stance...the A.B.C’s. A is Alignment, B is balanced, and C is clearance. Clearance is the amount of space between the hip and the grip on the stroke side of the body—the—right side for a right-handed player. The picture below is Vanessa, one of our top-performing students featured in our new Cue Sports Training Encyclopedia and voted as one of the sexiest players in the world.

The human body is a work of art with many moving parts. We know that the eyes must be centered over the cue for two distinct reasons, establishing the essential starting point from which to follow. As we move down the spine from the neck, we see that the torso must curve out and around the grip to allow space for the stroke. This curve must continue back around to meet up with the top of the alignment leg.

What we see most commonly at the Academy of the Cueing Arts is a straight line angle from the head to the coccyx bone or (tailbone), creating a substantial gap between the hip and the grip. As this distance increases, so does the margin for error increase. If the hip and grip are connected within a single contact unit, the stroke is restricted to more of a pure forward motion, substantially limiting side-to-side motion errors. Below we see World Champion Allison Fisher from the same perspective. Notice the exact minimal clearance between the hip and grip.

Also, this minimal distance connection sets the body's alignment to a more natural forward direction, parallel to the cue instrument. Think of this: when you walk, you naturally sway your arms back and forth alongside your hips, right? Notice how close your forearm swings to your hip as you walk. This natural swinging motion is inherent in your design, a trait we need to carry forward here in the Cue Sports--the most precise art on the planet.

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