• Timothy White

The 3 Positions of a Perfect Billiard Stroke

The almighty pendulum sets the stage for a perfect stroke. There are 3 key essential positions on this arc: SPF

The Set-Pause-Finish are the key positions in many similar sports, such as golf, tennis, bowling, etc. Not only are these positions crucial to developing the correct Cue Sports stroke on a physical level, they also contribute to mental thinking patterns as well.

Set, the most important of the three positions, is the first position which establishes the sweet spot. The set position establishes the basis of every key point to follow so that the movement of the stroke will ultimately bring the cue right back through to correctly contact the cue ball.

Pause is the second position of the stroke, extremely essential for two things, where the transfer of muscles occurs. It also is the point where the focus transfer of the eyes to lock-in on the target occurs.

Finish is the third position of the stroke where most players unfortunately never reach where the goal is located. 

The job of the stroke is not to hit the cue ball. It is to complete the pendulum. By simply moving the forearm from one position to the next, the pendulum is naturally created. The cue ball just happens to be in the way of this arc.

Learn all the exact details on how to achieve this in Volume 1 & 2 of the Academy of the Cue Sports Training Encyclopedia. 

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